“MEMORIES”, Tribute to John Lennon on Deferred Transmission for Customers in Europe on Aplaudir!

“A Hard Day’s Night”, “Help”, “Imagine”, “Across the Universe”, “Girl”, “Strawberry Fields Forever”, “In my life” and many more memorable songs will be part of the unforgettable performance that Javier Parisi, exclusively and directly from Buenos Aires, Argentina will offer LIVE to the Worldwide audience of Applaudir!


UK 7 pm
Central Europe Time 8 pm

There is also a show on: August 28th CentralAmerica 8 pm

Javier Parisi, the acclaimed 39 years old  Argentinean artist who travels the world with his show reviving the legendary musician on stage has an amazing resemblance to  The Beatles’ singer. He was born in Lanús, Argentina and as a teenager, he put together his first band “Tribute to the Beatles”. His fascination with the Liverpool Four began as a child.He could not imagine then that he would become the Memory of the world famous “John Lennon” .

His voice, his gestures and his appearance are so similar to the renowned musician who gave rise to “The Beatles”, that he was chosen by Lennon’s own son, Julian, to play his father in a musical and documentary about his life at The Hope Street Theater in Liverpool, in the United Kingdom.

Seeing “Memories” a Tribute to John Lennon in Aplaudir! is easy…

1) Buy the ticket to the event with your credit card on this page for the Regular Price of only € 13.99

2) You will receive an email with the access link and password to watch the event. The transmission will be in high resolution through our web page and does not require downloading any program. If you would like to buy multiple tickets please include their name and e-mail in the order form.

3) On August 29, follow the link and see it on any computer connected to the Internet. You can also connect your device to a TV to watch the event on TV

Delight in “MEMORIES”  , the August 29 Tribute to John Lennon  Deferred Transmission for Customers outside Latin America on Aplaudir!: …

UK 7 pm
Central Europe Time 8 pm

“The Brothers”, Javier’s band , also considered the best recreation of the complete career of THE BEATLES,  has won multiple awards in different countries and was highly praised even in the city of Liverpool.

In addition to meticulously recreating each composition while respecting its original characteristics, Parisi incredibly personifies the gestures  of the Beatle on stage.

For all those who like the great music of Lennon, this is a can’t miss opportunity to sing, remember and relive unforgettable moments with family and friends from home!

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  • Start Date
    August 29, 2020 7:00 pm
  • End Date
    August 29, 2020 8:00 pm
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